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The ImmigrateNow Blog

January 31, 2009

Welcome to Immigration Law Office of Benjamin M. Lowe and the ImmigrateNow Blog Page.  We'll be using this page to discuss new developments in immigration law and comment on the politics, economics, and social aspects of immigration in the United States.


I'll admit it's a scary time to begin a new undertaking in this economy.  (And here I am doing it...)  There has been a lot of talk around the 'Net about immigrants going home and that the US Government (USG in my blog) should slow processing and discourage immigration.


Immigrants have always been one of the great engines for growth in our economy.  While I don't doubt that in some sectors -- construction, for example -- there will be significant contraction and less opportunity right now, the world is waiting for a new Bell, a new Edison, a new Gates.  America still offers the best opportunity to those who want to innovate and want the freedom to succeed (or, admittedly, sometimes to fail...)  And those successes -- and even those failures, because they so often lead to successes later -- are what America needs to remain the most innovative and most successful economy on earth.  This is no time to bar the door.




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